Trail of 100 Giants – Sequoia National Forest, California

A large sequoia on the Trail of 100 Giants.

The area around Kernville, some 30 miles south, is billed as the gateway to the Trail of 100 Giants, and the beautiful drive north is worth it.

The trail is in the middle of the Sequoia National Forest and the 100 giants refer to the massive namesake trees that dominate. The Forest Service says there are about 125 sequoias (some as old as 1,500 years) with a base diameter of over 10 feet in Long Meadow Grove, and this easy 1.4-mile flat trail snakes within feet of many of them.

You can pick up a brochure to guide you through some of the sites in the parking lot across the road ($5 fee per car), and while the trail officially opens in May, it can be accessible a bit earlier. When I went in late April, the trail was open, and I had a great time sloshing through melting snow, including dodging snowballs dropped from the branches of the trees.

  • Trail of 100 Giants
  • Sequoia tree
  • Towering sequoia
  • Snowy trail
  • Mossy tree
  • Fallen sequoia

Directions: From Kernville, drive north on Sierra Way/M-99 about 25 miles to Johnsondale. The road becomes known as M-50 near this town and continue on this for about 6 miles. Turn right (north) on the Western Divide Highway, also known as M-107. Take this for about 2 miles. There is a small but well-marked parking lot on the right ($5 fee per car), and the trailhead is directly across the road.

Elevation profile:

Trail of 100 Giants