Heart Rock Trail – Crestline, California

Heart Rock Trail

The Heart Rock Trail is a great walk through the pine forests near Crestline. The trail itself can be a challenge to find, but once you’re on it, it’s well marked.

The spur that heads down a steep hill to the heart rock is about a half mile from the trailhead. It can be tough to spot, but if you listen for the voices of people who have flocked to it (it can be crowded on summer weekends), you’ll be able to find it. Use caution heading down and be prepared for a scramble on the way back up because that part of the trail is steep.

The namesake of the trail (don’t look at the photos if you want the view to be a surprise) is near a wonderful waterfall with a nearby rock jump for the adventurous types. The jump is only about 10-15 feet high, but make sure to aim carefully as the landing pool isn’t very big. I jumped twice, and little kids were having a great time doing it.

There are a lot of large rocks in and around the stream at the base of the waterfall that make for great picnic spots and photo opportunities.

  • Heart Rock Trail
  • Waterfall on the Heart Rock Trail
  • Heart Rock Trail
  • Creek near the Heart Rock Trail
  • Namesake of the Heart Rock Trail

Directions: From I-210, take the Waterman Ave (Highway 18) exit north toward Lake Arrowhead and continue up the twisty highway into the mountains. Follow the signs toward Lake Gregory by taking the 138 at the junction. Continue on 138 through Crestline, and once you leave town, turn left on the road at Camp Seely. There is parking down this road.

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Heart Rock Trail