Papageno Resort to Naikorokoro waterfalls – Kadavu, Fiji

The lower waterfall.

To reach the village of Naikorokoro and the waterfalls south of the village on Kadavu Island, hire a guide from nearby Papageno Resort to take you.

My guide Zachariah loaded everything into a boat and skimmed along the coast east of Papageno for a few minutes before docking at the tiny village of Naikorokoro.

A hike through the village to the waterfall is a little over a mile long with a 300-foot elevation gain. It barely reaches the moderate level, but the difficulty goes up if it’s been raining. I almost lost a shoe after stepping in some deep and squishy mud.

Once at the falls, you can jump right in the pool at the base of the first waterfall to clean and cool off. If you’re adventurous enough, follow your guide almost straight up to get to the second waterfall, which is even higher and more spectacular than the first. Again, the deep pool at the second fall is perfect for a swim.

  • Ocean on boat ride to Naikorokoro.
  • Inside the village of Naikorokoro.
  • Chickens in the village of Naikorokoro.
  • At the edge of the village of Naikorokoro.
  • The lower waterfall.
  • The lower waterfall.
  • Swimming in the pool below the first waterfall.
  • Our guide Zachariah balances on a fallen tree limb.
  • Village of Naikorokoro from the water.
  • Ocean on boat ride to Naikorokoro.

Directions: You’ll need a guide from Papageno to boat you to the town of Naikorokoro and then lead you to the waterfalls. The cost is minimal, well worth it and a portion is donated to the village.

Elevation profile: